About the Project

We wanted to create a fun and interesting conversion of X-Wing: Miniatures that brings a selection of ground-based units true to the Star Wars theme.

X-Wing: Ground Assault was started in Spring 2016 when Stadl0r got in contact with DBDraft, who had been working on ground unit miniatures and rules. From there we worked to establish a new set of rules, cards, components and graphics to create a unofficial fan expansion pack. Our first release is focused around the Battle of Hoth, which opens the doors to a number of fun and interesting scenarios pitting the Rebel defense against a strong assault of Imperial forces.

In our first release of X-Wing: Ground Assault, you can expect to have a number of new units introduced such as Rebel Troopers, DF.9 Turrets, FD P.Tower Turrets, T-47 Snowspeeders, AT-AT Walkers, AT-ST Walkers and Imperial Snowtroopers. In addition to this is a number of custom components such as movement rulers, upgrade and unit cards. All of which you can print yourself.

Project by Stadl0r & DBDraft

For all inquiries, contact us at xwingassault@gmail.com

This unofficial fan-made expansion is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Fantasy Flight Games. This package may not be sold. In order to play this expansion, you must own X-Wing: Miniatures Core Set