Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is X-Wing: Ground Assault?

An upcoming fan-made expansion pack for FFG's X-Wing: Miniatures game that adds ground-based units along with custom cards, units, rules and game components. Our first release is set around the Battle of Hoth.

2. What X-Wing components do I need?

In order to play X-Wing: Ground Assault, you will need to own a copy of the X-Wing: Miniatures Core Set along with any ship expansions you would like to play with.

3. How do I start playing?

Included in our first release of X-Wing: Ground Assault will be a number of print out items, such as a manual, custom cards, unit pieces and movement rulers. You will need to print and cut in order to use it with the X-Wing base game.

4. What units do you currently have?

Included in the first release of this expansion, you can expect to use: Rebel troopers, DF.9 Turret, FD P-Tower Turret, T-47 Snowspeeder, AT-ST, AT-AT, and Snowtroopers

5. When is it releasing?

We are working hard to have an initial release in Summer 2016 with a campaign / mission pack coming afterwards that includes a series of missions, custom additions dropping players into the Battle of Hoth!

6. What is the Mission Pack?

After our first release of X-Wing: Ground Assault, we plan to release a Campaign / Mission pack set around the Battle of Hoth. You can expect a number of special rules, pieces and scenarios!

7. How can I get involved?

Check out our forums and we are always looking for testers to help us give feedback and to test new versions of the rules.

8. Is it free?

We will be releasing Ground Assault as a free download package with paper print instructions. For miniature guidelines, please visit our resource page

Project by Stadl0r & DBDraft

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This unofficial fan-made expansion is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Fantasy Flight Games. This package may not be sold. In order to play this expansion, you must own X-Wing: Miniatures Core Set