Announcing X-Wing: Ground Assault

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We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of an exciting new fan-made expansion pack for X-Wing: Miniatures, called X-Wing: Ground Assault! Like many players, we had a wish to create a system that introduced ground-based units into the X-Wing core rules. We have tried to stay true to the X-Wing philosophy of "Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master" gameplay. Fly a squad of X-Wings against AT-AT Walkers, or defend the frontline with a platoon of infantry and turrets. These are some of the many possibilities included in Ground Assault.

Coming this summer, we plan to release v0.1 of X-Wing: Ground Assault with a focus on units from the Battle of Hoth timeline. In our first release of X-Wing: Ground Assault, you can expect to have a number of new units introduced such as Rebel Troopers, DF.9 Turrets, FD P.Tower Turrets, T-47 Snowspeeders, AT-AT Walkers, AT-ST Walkers and Imperial Snowtroopers. In addition to this is a number of custom components such as movement rulers, upgrade and unit cards. All of which you can print yourself.

We are excited to launch and invite you to join the community!

- Stadl0r & DBDraft

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  • chopperboydanchopperboydan Posts: 61Member
    Hi do you have any stats for the two rebel laser towers?, DF.9 turrets and the FD P Towers. I'm running a game sat and would like to use the stats you have made if possible?

    cheers Dan
  • DBDraftDBDraft Posts: 104Administrator
    OK because you asked nicely:

    DF.9 Laser Battery
    Attack: 2 (360 degree)
    Defense: 0
    Hull: 3
    Armor: 1
    Action: FOCUS
    Weapon Range: 1-3
    Immobile (cannot move once deployed)
    Convert all "critical" results to "hit" results

    This is an anti-infantry weapon so is not good against Armored targets.

    1.4 FD P-Tower
    Attack: 1 (360 degree)
    Defense: 2
    Hull: 2
    Armor: 0
    Action: TARGET LOCK
    Weapon Range: 1-3
    Immobile (cannot move once deployed)
    Convert all "focus" results to "critical" results

    This weapon is ideal for anti-vehicular attacks.

    The new attribute used is Armor. It will cancel out a number of damage results per attack equal to the Armor value. So if the DF.9 turret takes 2 damage in an attack the Armor cancels 1 of these so it takes 1 damage only. At range 3 it would get an evade die as normal. Critical results however bypass Armor so 1 critical hit against a DF.9 turret will cause 1 damage. If it got hit by 2 damage and 1 critical it would take 2 damage total. There are some more rules involved that deal with infantry weapons and larger weapons on Armor but that can wait until the main rules.

    IMPORTANT RULE FOR GROUND UNITS: At range 1 they do not add an extra attack die, instead they can reroll any or all attack dice of their choosing.
  • chopperboydanchopperboydan Posts: 61Member
    Cheers for that :) will post lots of pics after the game

    kind regards Dan
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