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Up here in Toronto, home of the fan made X-Wing expansion Heroes Of Aturi, I posted the announcement of Ground Assault in our local Facebook Group. It was very well received and many players are looking forward to see how this project progresses.

Good luck.


  • DBDraftDBDraft Posts: 104Administrator
    Thank you! We were both very inspired by HoTAC and want to produce something that is of a similar high quality. The amazing campaign, Pilot progression and AI of HoTAC is very unique. Hopefully we can produce something that is "compatible" for custom scenarios with this system as well as being a standalone way of adding a new dimension to existing X-Wing games.
  • Stadl0rStadl0r Posts: 68Administrator
    Thanks for the kind words and glad to hear people are interested! HoATC is a great source of inspiration for us.

    I'm actually in Montréal so great to see another Canadian :)

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