Wave 9

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What is the consensus on Wave 9 expansions? Looks like FFG released another preview of the ARC-170


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    I quite like the ARC-170 but I do not like the fact there are no generic pilots. Basically FFG is saying "there are only 4 of these ships in existence" as all are unique. Of all the Wave 9 ships it is probably the only one I would get 2. No real love for the First Order or Rebel stuff.
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    I super dig the Special forces TIE. Really interested to see how a beefier TIE fighter does (that rear arc is madness too). While I dig the design of the ARC-170 I cant get over the fact that they would be ancient by the time the Galactic Civil war rolled around. That being said, a support/reconnaissance fighter is a cool idea.

    I'm glad there are new ships, but its interesting to see all of the current Star Wars games really scraping the barrel for new content. Battlefront, Imperial Assault, and X-Wing all seem to be grabbing things from the new comics and the Rebels show. This isn't bad per-say, I just wish they would canonize some of the old EU Ships and weapons.

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