Gave it a go! now i just have to convince the other friends it's worthwhile

Maverick70Maverick70 Posts: 2Member, Tester
Finally gave it a go. Not overly complex, and definitely compliments the original game nicely! One of my friends i play x-wing with, it's become pretty much the only way we play x-wing now. My main group of x-wing players don't seem to be interested, which is a bit of a bummer, i think they're missing out.

One thing we ran into playing the game, regarding the infantry. At what point do you start treating a platoon as individual units? My friend and i agreed to ground units withing range one of one another were considered a platoon. And are stress tokens assigned to individual ground units, or to the platoon as a whole? never got into a situation with close assaults, i have feeling questions will arise there, but i'll save them for when i have questions haha.

I attached a couple pics from that game.
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