Finally got a chance to play it!

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Finally gave it a go. Not overly complex, and definitely compliments the original game nicely! One of my friends i play x-wing with, it's become pretty much the only way we play x-wing now. My main group of x-wing players don't seem to be interested, which is a bit of a bummer, i think they're missing out.

One thing we ran into playing the game, regarding the infantry. At what point do you start treating a platoon as individual units? My friend and i agreed to ground units withing range one of one another were considered a platoon. And are stress tokens assigned to individual ground units, or to the platoon as a whole? never got into a situation with close assaults, i have feeling questions will arise there, but i'll save them for when i have questions haha.

I attached a pic from that game.


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    Hi there!

    Always good to hear some feedback. Regarding your question on platoons, it is best to think of the 4 bases of infantry as a single unit which we call a platoon. They should "stick together" as much as possible for ease of play as the unit needs to be identified and have any tokens assigned to it clearly shown. The fact that there are multiple bases used to represent a single infantry unit was designed primarily to visually shown the "health" of the unit as well as the decrease in "Attack" as the platoon takes casualties. So a platoon reduced to 2 stands now has a Health of 2 and an Attack of 2.
    Any stress tokens are assigned to the platoon as a whole as they are just one infantry unit. Infantry treat stress differently than all other units but this makes them more interesting!

    Happy to answer any other queries that you have, cool looking set up there... a K-Wing setting up a bombing run looks like fun.
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