A long time ago....

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Well at least 2 years ago I began collecting models that could be used to create a Battle of Hoth style game. I posted this on FFG's X-Wing forum, so if you haven't seen it yet here is the link:


Since then it has not seen much gameplay, let alone playtesting. It was only this year that I received a couple of messages from people that were obviously keen on exploring more of this sort of game experience. I still have a feeling FFG is probably going to produce something like this but secretly hope that they have enough "Star Wars" games to manage at the moment! I really enjoy seeing the home-made projects of others, from painting their own ships, to complete scratch builds of epic sized vessels, it is all very inspiring.
Then about a month ago Stadl0r contacted me and we quickly started sharing ideas and soon began to collaborate on rules for this project. In only a relatively short amount of time these rules have taken on a new lease of life from this fresh perspective. We have tried to stay true to the X-Wing philosophy of "Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master" gameplay. This is relatively easy to do as the game mechanics are heavily based on the X-Wing rules. The interesting thing has been to make new units like infantry and ground vehicles fit into this design space yet still retain their unique qualities that give them a distinct role on the battlefield. Ultimately it will be up to you to decide if this has been achieved, or if there are ways that this can be improved upon. So we look forward to hearing your feedback once the rules are released.

Until then may the "dice" be with you!


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    I still remember seeing this post on FFG before we spoke and it was inspiring! Looking forward to see what feedback there will be from our expansion pack : )

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