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At the moment we are putting the first version of the rules together. It will be a little while before these are released for beta-testing. The initial focus will be on units involved in the ground operations during the Battle of Hoth which will include:

Infantry (Rebel and Imperial)
Walkers (AT-ATs and AT-STs)
Weapon Batteries (DF.9 Turret and P-Tower)

There will be three Introductory Missions to help test out these units. Later we will introduce other units such as the iconic T-47 snowspeeder which will be part of a larger Hoth Campaign system.

We are interested in hearing from people with different gaming backgrounds and experience. People that play and enjoy X-Wing will naturally find the rules more familiar and it is essential for play to have access to the X-Wing rules. Ground units will introduce new game mechanics from the standard rules as there is obviously a greater variety of units ranging from infantry to huge walkers. We have tried to simplify these differences as much as possible but these new ideas are what we hope players will find rewarding to learn and integrate together with aerial units. Infantry are the most unique units as they can operate in groups and a morale mechanic is used to differentiate between raw-recruits and battle-hardened veterans.

Reroute all power to the energy shield. We've got to hold them till all transports are away.

Prepare for Ground Assault!

General Carlist Riekeen
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