Play X-Wing Miniatures with a new set of rules and ground units.

Our pack introduces a new set of rules, unit cards, upgrade cards and custom components to effectively bring Ground-based units into the fodder of X-Wing. Our first release focuses on the iconic Battle of Hoth with AT-AT Walkers and Rebel Troopers spread across the battlefield. We have tried to stay true to the X-Wing philosophy of "Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master" gameplay.

This is our first step as a project and in the near future you can expect to see a Mission pack focusing on various objectives set during the Battle of Hoth. Until then, here is the link! Our package contains .PDFs which you can print yourself. If interested in playing with miniatures, please see our resources to make your own.

Release v0.1 - Mirror #2

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Project by Stadl0r & DBDraft

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This unofficial fan-made expansion is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Fantasy Flight Games. This package may not be sold. In order to play this expansion, you must own X-Wing: Miniatures Core Set